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Total Tennis Home Workout

$49.99 USD

For players that want to train at home, with limited space and minimal equipment. Convenient, Specific and Effective....

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Over 40's Tennis Strength, Movement and Mobility

$49.99 USD

Players over 40, that want to improve their Mobility, Speed and Strength without getting INJURED. 

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tennis specific training

Tennis Speed, Agility and Power Program

$49.99 USD

Improve dynamic first step, brake better and change direction easier. Get more power on groundstrokes and serve....

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High Performance Tennis Strength & Conditioning Program

$169.99 USD

This program is for the serious players, wanting to take their game to the next level and train like a world cla...

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strength training for junior tennis players

Junior Tennis Strength & Conditioning Program

$89.99 USD

For tennis players between 8-18 years that want to LEARN HOW TO TRAIN THE CORRECT WAY, before its too late.

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Social Tennis Strength & Conditioning Program

$59.99 USD

Never be embarrassed or frustrated with your First Step Quickness, Power, Balance and Fitness.

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Tennis Yoga, Mobility and Injury Prevention

$29.99 USD

Develop Strength, Stability, Balance and Mobility. Feel Strong at END RANGE and Increase Range of Movement.

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 junior tennis

Junior Strength Development Program

$49.99 USD

For tennis players between 8-18 years that want to build a strength foundation, before they start lifting weight...

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tennis sports massage

Tennis Sports Massage Course

$130.00 USD

A learn to massage course for a parent, player, or coach that wants to help boost a player's performance, preven...

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Get a Personalised Program 

The Tennis Fitness Academy (TFA) packages are a step up for players who have completed any of our online tennis strength and conditioning programs. It is for players who need more specific and individualised - support, programming, guidance and exclusive 1 on 1 attention. If you are pursuing a college or professional pathway, this is for you.

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Meet The Trainers

Nathan and Giselle Martin have been at the forefront of worldwide, tennis fitness innovation and tennis fitness training for the past 16 years. They have helped players of all levels – from Wimbledon champions to social hitters and school kids – reach their potential through improved physical performance, injury reduction and ongoing education. The ‘Martin Method’, a brand name in the world of tennis fitness trainers, takes the experience and knowledge gleaned from working with athletes like Lleyton Hewitt, Martina Navratilova and Monica Seles and applies it to all players of all standards. It’s a complete tennis fitness program, stretching from warm up and cool down routines to speed, agility, power, tennis footwork and much more. Nathan and Giselle have trained five world number one players and are based in Bondi, Sydney.

See What These Players Have To Say About Tennis Fitness Programs


"I love the professional approach that Nathan brings day in day out. As a professional athlete I know he can get the best out of me and take me to the next level"

nathan martin best tennis trainer

Lleyton Hewitt

Professional Tennis Player


"Nathan & Giselle Martin are the consummate professionals when it comes to tennis training. I had the pleasure of working with both Tennis Trainers Nathan and Giselle while on the tennis tour for 2 1/2 years and was truly impressed with their training methods and expertise."

professional training program

Martina Navratilova

Professional Tennis Player


"This is to confirm that Giselle Martin has been my personal tennis trainer for two years. During that period she helped me in many matters: physical, mental and technical. Her task has been a big help for me, in my play and in my results. She has been always a support for me, in my good days and in my bad days. Giselle Martin is one of the best professional tennis trainers: dedicated, loyal and optimistic. She is a very good person and I enjoyed all the moments we spent together, working, traveling, joking, etc"

professional training program

Arantxa Sanchez Vicario

Professional Tennis Player

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