Learn The Sports Massage Style That Some Of The World’s Best Therapists 

Use To Take Away Pain, Release Tension And Prevent Injuries. 

Steve Lockhart Myotherapy (SLM) is a form of massage therapy. Giselle and I both learnt the SLM techniques from Steve himself over 15 years ago. We cannot comment highly enough on the impact it has made on our careers. To this day we believe a lot of our success with players has come from keeping them injury free, feeling fresh and energetic. A large part of that is due to the fact we use these sports massage techniques with players on a daily basis.

SLM massage is one of the easiest styles to perform correctly, it is also one of the only ones that allows you to finish a full body, head to toes, sports massage in under 60min if needed.

This particular SLM Sports Massage course is for a total beginner with massage or an existing therapist. If you have never massaged before, it will teach you all you need to know to give an effective, professional massage. Whether you are a parent, player or coach you will develop massage skills that will help boost a players performance, prevent injury and keep players feeling fresh.  

It teaches a different style and philosophy than most other sports massage courses, it comes from hundreds of years of practice and refinement.

SLM Sports Massage is all about moving around the body constantly in a flowing style, removing tension from the body and making a person feel relaxed. 

There is no question everybody needs a massage now and then but one very neglected group who needs this more than you could imagine are your children, especially if they are developing athletes. 

The thing is children don’t feel pain like an adult does. In fact they very rarely have a problem before the are 15 or so. Anything they pick up in the way of significant muscle trauma in their first 15 years is already buried in their body and slowly forming a pattern of muscle imbalance that they might not be aware of for another 10 or 15 years.

The trouble is when it does finally manifest as pain in the body it is often far too late for an easy fix and the expense and frustration begins.

Once you learn the techniques in this sports massage course and apply them, you will soon realise how effective they are at releasing tension and balancing out the body. Helping to prevent injury and boost energy.

Prevention is Better Than Cure

The reality is injuries are not a case of luck, most injuries can be controlled if you catch them early enough.

Due to the nature of Tennis (power endurance sport) and the occurrence of early specialisation, we are seeing more and more young players develop injuries; Shoulders, knees, backs, wrists, elbows, ankles, muscle tears, muscle spasms, muscle imbalances. 

It seems like no body part is safe! The fact is it is a physically demanding sport. There are many variables that come into play when developing a player; Training loads, training diversity, recovery, nutrition, sleep, emotional balance, support network (I could go on :)   Getting it right is important ! We believe this sports massage course will bring you one step closer to developing a balanced, healthy, happy player. That is always our objective! 


Who is this course for?

  • Parents or carer of a tennis player that would like to learn effective massage techniques, so they can best support their young players body as they develop.
  • Tennis Coach or Tennis Trainer that would like to up skill and provide a massage option to their clients.
  • A travelling parent, trainer or coach that wants to provide convenient treatment when travelling in tournaments. 
  • Current therapist that is looking for an easier more effective way to treat the body.
  • A parent or carer that wants to save time and money by treating their player in their own convenient environment and not paying for treatment. 
Tennis Fitness - Easy Way To Learn Sports Massage

Introducing the SLM Massage Course

This course will teach anyone how to give a professional, full body massage in just a few short weeks.

By following the instructions in Steve's clear, straight forward video and workbook, you will learn what you need to know to give an effective Tennis Massage. 

Please note there is there is no physical product (no shipping). After purchasing the course you will receive login access details where you can access the program and download the ebook online. No need to wait you will have instant access online to the course.



Purchase this course and you will receive the our very popular Tennis Yoga Program. We have carefully hand picked poses and designed a yoga program specifically for tennis players. These specific tennis programs will help give you, that desired optimal range of movement through all your shots. Reduce injuries, minimise soreness and muscle tension.

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In addition to the self treatment program, Steve will grant access to a special thread in the back pain forum where you can have any questions about the massage course answered by him personally.
This is an exclusive offer to purchasers who place their order for the SLM Massage Course.

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What Is Included In the SLM Massage Course:

  • Simple, clear easy to follow instruction in the way to work around the body in the right sequence to provide a lasting feeling of balance and wellbeing.
  • How to approach the different body types regardless of whether your patient is young or old, weak or strong. What you need to be aware of when working on the body so as not to bruise the muscles and make them too sore the next day.
  • How to adjust your massage in different situations like when someone is going out to exercise within 24 hours of their massage.
  • How to approach the different types of pains and injuries that typically affect young people as well as adults.
  • Valuable information about the body that you may not of heard of before.

    I am totally convinced that if you have an interest in massage, or just helping someone close to you prevent getting injured, whilst boosting their performance this sports massage course will be just what you need (especially if you have sporty children).

Please note there is there is no physical product (no shipping). After purchasing the course you will receive login access details where you can access the program and download the ebook online. No need to wait you will have instant access online to the course.

Included in the price are your 2 Bonuses:
1. Tennis Yoga Program 
2. Plus access to Steve with any questions in a private forum. 


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