- Fast Results
- Downloadable, Yours Forever 
- Easy to Follow
- For All Ages and Levels
- 30-40min Workouts
- No Gym Required


This program is designed for players or groups of players, that want to improve their court movement - Move faster, brake better and change direction easier. For those that need to get more power - Improve dynamic first step, hit their groundstrokes & serve with more power.


  • Age - The programs are suitable for 10 to 60 year olds, it is easy to follow. Simply click play!
  • Tennis Ability - This program works for any physical standard or level of tennis. You have 3 levels to progress through. 
  • Time - We structured this program with the busy person in mind. This program has everything you need in one 30-40min workout - Speed, Agility and Power.
  • Gain confidence - If you want to move better on court, feel better on court and be more confident. Improving your Speed, Agility and Power will help make that happen.  
  • Easy to use - No GYM needed. In fact these programs require minimal equipment (check out what you need down below)
  • Training Environment - These programs are structured to be used on your own, with a buddy or in a group. Maybe you can mix it up! 
  • Education - This program is as much about learning how to move, stop and accelerate as it is about the drills. You will also learn how to work at the right intensities and rest periods.
  • Be Challenged -  Follow our testing protocols (speed, agility, Power) then set some targets. At the completion of the programs you can retest and see how much you have blown it away!

The Most Popular Tennis 
Fitness Program On The Market, It Has EVERYTHING You Need In One Program



Limited Special Only $49.95 RRP ($129.95)

Improve your first step acceleration, and serve power! It's Simple, Safe and Tennis Specific.

Check out the results we recorded with some of our clients after 6 weeks.

"I get endless compliments on how fast I'm moving, how fit I look and how hard I'm hitting my serve"

- Alex Davis



Everyone has varying fitness, movement and power levels, you are individual! Before you commence your program we want you to establish where you are at (your starting point) Complete the tests at week 1 and follow the programs and retest at week 6. If your consistent with your programs you will be surprised with your results. It is a great motivational tool. These tests are designed to give you a thorough overview of where your court movement and power is at.


Having an effective warm up routine is an area most players stumble with. This warm up program has everything you need, to have you firing when you perform your sessions. From movement drills, mobility patterns and activation exercises, you will have all your bases covered. It is a must! You never want to waste the first 10mins of your workout, be ready to go at the start. Don't forget a good warm up can reduce a lot of injuries.


Tennis requires you to be on the court for hours on end, constantly moving and concentrating. The structure of this bonus program takes into consideration the work : rest ratio in a match. Training specific to a real match is important. After completing these maximal aerobic speed programs, you will be recovering better between points and feeling more energy throughout your time on court. Never feel fatigued in the last set again.



This test will give you a better understanding of what level your Tennis Endurance is at. Once you complete the test you will have the data you need (that you input in your excel file) to perform your Tennis Endurance program. You will be given exact distances and times to follow. Be ready, it is a tough test!


Don't be confused about when and what you should be doing. This simple to follow plan will give you options you can follow to suit your needs (time, physical level etc) We believe having an effective “Periodised Plan” is just as important as the actual tennis exercises within the plan.


As your ‘online’ tennis fitness trainers, we want to support you and be with you along your journey. By simply purchasing this program you will have unlimited access to our closed facebook group (only for members). This is where you can ask us questions anytime. You will also get to interact with other people looking to improve their tennis fitness!

Limited Special Only $49.95 RRP ($129.95)

No GYM, Simple to Follow, See results in a few weeks!!


  • Access. Once you have downloaded your 6 week program, you will have full access to it. (download it and keep it forever)

  • Simple to follow. This program is very easy to navigate through, with no gym required (minimal equipment) It can be performed on court or at a park. 
  • Levels. Your program is broken down into 3 levels. Everyone needs to start at level 1 (2 weeks), then move onto Level 2 (2 weeks) finishing on Level 3 (2 weeks)

  • Plan your first session. Your first session will include “Testing” (Follow the testing Video) After you have completed your tests you can start the Level 1 program.

  • Periodised plan. For best results after completing your first session, you can work out according to how you performed and recovered, how many sessions per week you can commit too. We recommend 1-3 sessions (with at least 24hrs between sessions). Follow our simple periodised plan to assist you.

  • Length of levels. It is important each level is followed for 2 weeks. The program has been designed to work effectively following this time frame. Do not jump levels, this will impact your progress.

  • Retesting. At the completion of Level 3, you will need to retest. Simply follow the exact testing protocols from your original testing, from week 1. Find out how much you have improved!

  • What’s next. Once you complete the 6-week program you should rest for 2-4 weeks, maintaining what you have developed. After this time you can start the programs again and better your times etc. Everyone gets a lot more out of the programs the second time through. You can follow the programs 3-4 times per year, if needed (We also have a range of other programs you can check out)

  • Use the programs in and around tournaments. These programs are great to use whilst in tournaments and leading into tournaments. This is an area most players find difficult to get right. Not knowing what to do before and during a tournament. We have taken the thinking and worrying away for you! 



Frequently Asked Questions

 We have designed this program with minimal equipment requirements.
Equipment list; Cones/Markers x 8, Skipping rope, Tennis ball, Racket, Stop watch / timer, Medicine ball (level 3 only)

Although the programs are totally safe for players of all ages, we recommend players under 12 years old be supervised by an adult (Over 21 years) We encourage players of all ages to work with these programs.  

We are here for you every step of the way. You have unlimited access to our closed facebook group (only for members). This is where you can ask us questions anytime. 

Yes, 100%, we designed these programs to work for individuals and small groups (2-8 players) 

We have never designed a program like this before. We have included – Footspeed/ Coordination, Agility and Power into each session. This allows people to hit these areas all at one time. It is time efficient and super effective! This program is designed specifically for court movement and tennis power.

The programs include videos and some graphics. All programs can be downloaded. They can be viewed on all electronic devices (Computers, smart phones and tablets). We have spent time and money making sure these programs are user friendly!

Once you complete the 6-week program you should rest for 2-4 weeks, maintaining what you have developed. After this time you can start the programs again and look to better your times etc. Everyone gets a lot more out of the programs the second time through. You can follow the programs 3-4 times per year, if needed. We also have a range of other programs you can check out.

We have designed this program keeping in mind; time constraints, intensity levels, injury restrictions, age, physical maturity, physical limitations. You the option to commit to 1, 2 or 3 sessions per week. We recommend 2 to start with.

Including your warm up and session time, you will get through each session in 30-40min. Each level is slightly different in duration.



"Nathan & Giselle Martin are the consummate professionals when it comes to tennis training. I had the pleasure of working with both Tennis Trainers Nathan and Giselle while on the tennis tour for 3 years and was truly impressed with their training methods and expertise”


“I love the professional approach that Nathan brings day in day out. As a professional athlete I know he can get the best out of me and take me to the next level”.


"I have worked with Nathan the last few years in preparing Lleyton for the Australian Open. He had Lleyton in the best shape which enabled me to get the most out of him"

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