Junior Tennis Strength Development Program

Develop Strength Foundations



The Junior Tennis Strength Development Program is for young athletes aged between 8-18 years. It is for players, coaches and parents that are wanting to know the "how, when and why" of strength training for young athletes. This program will equip people with the knowledge and guidance to improve a young athletes strength. Most importantly it will educate people on how to start and progress a young athletes strength development plan. It can be used by athletes of all levels of athleticism as it has 3 levels of progression.


Build A Strength Foundation The Correct Way

Tennis Strength Development 1 - 3

Strength Development 1 - 3

Every year that goes by as a young athlete, you should be developing physically by doing the right strength and core training. If you are not working on these areas you will not build a solid foundation for the future. These programs will help prevent injuries and have players moving better and hitting harder. 

Dynamic Tennis Warm Up

Dynamic Warm Up

A common problem we see is young athletes not warming up effectively. 
This tennis specific warm up, if followed correctly, will ensure young players are ready to go when they step on court.
Prevent injuries and boost performance by following this proven warmup. 

Tennis Mobility & Injury Prevention

Mobility & Injury Prevention 

Did you know the majority of young tennis players wait until they get injured before they perform any off court training. Most career ending injuries can be prevented. Don't be a statistic get started today. These mobility and injury prevention programs will assist in keeping you feeling better and pain free! 

Tennis Breathing & Meditation

Breathing & Meditation

One area that young players need to master is their breathing and mental control. Having and maintaining efficient breathing during play is important for recovery and energy production. These techniques will help players deal with on court stress and emotional control. 

Tennis Primal Movement Patterns

Primal Movement Patterns

Learning these 5 Primal movements will help set up a young athlete for life. 
A common problem we see is young athletes moving and performing exercises in correctly. Learn and apply these 5 movements to prevent injuries and boost performance. They are the foundation for functional growth!

Essential Tennis Stretch

Essential Stretch

If you have ever wondered, what stretches should young players be doing. Well now you will know. A safe and effective stretch program.
These hand picked stretches will help young players develop longer, stronger muscles and help them improve their balance and end range power. 

Benefits of Junior Tennis Strength Development Program


  • LEARN the basic movements needed for strength gains
  • DEVELOP STRENGTH and Core Stability
  • Increase levels of athleticism
  • Feel BALANCED and stable.
  • Learn how to progress into lifting weights safely
  • Gain CONFIDENCE & last longer
  • Improve POWER production and FORCE ABSORPTION.


  • Once you enrol in the Junior Tennis Strength Development Program, you will receive a 6 week training plan.
  • This program contains a lot of information and for this reason we have broken it up into 3 phases (each phase is 2 weeks duration).
  • You will receive the strength development level 1 phase, initially in week 1 and then you will receive the strength development level 2 phase in week 2, and then you will receive the last phase strength development level 3, in week 3.
  • We have done this so people do not get overwhelmed and to also keep you motivated to find out what is coming next.
  • There is a periodised plan for you to follow. This will allow you to know what you are doing every day and also guide you into a state of "Physical peaking". All you need to do is follow the program and plan.
  • You will know what you are doing daily and your recovery sessions will be included in there also.
  • Your training includes narrative videos, images, charts, downloadable files and periodised plan to follow and more.
  • Go at your own pace as you have unlimited online lifetime access with us.
    Alternatively access programs on our newly launched App. All this with a 7 MONEY BACK GUARANTEE!

Limited Time Only $49.95 RRP ($119.95)

You could be one of the 1000s of junior players building a solid foundation for the future years ahead. Don't wait until it's too late, learn the correct way to build strength right from the start. Your can't build a house on crappy foundations. You have nothing to lose 7 Day MONEY BACK GUARANTEE. LIMITED TIME!



Strength & Core Development Level 1

We will teach you step by step, specific exercises for young tennis players to help develop foundational strength through the entire body. Strength is the most important factor in preventing injuries and boosting performance. You need to have the best physical foundation possible and the Level 1 program will help set that up through isometric training!  

Tennis Strength & Core Development Level 1
Tennis Strength & Core Development Level 2

Strength & Core Development Level 2

Level 2 is all about building on the Level 1 mechanics and stability.

By increasing the intensity and progressing the exercises you will start to see results. Things get more challenging as we look to build strength through movement based exercises.

Strength & Core Development Level 3

This progression of the programs is were we see the results come through. Level 3 is all about building on the foundational movements. Introducing weight and increasing intensity, you will feel stronger and more powerful. As the exercises become more complexed and tennis specific, players will feel themselves transforming into better tennis athletes.

Tennis Strength & Core Development Level 3
Tennis Mobility & Injury Prevention

Mobility & Injury Prevention

If you can't get a massage every few days, (which lets be honest who can, aside from the pro's) the next best thing is foam rolling. A foam roller is an essential tool to have in your racket bag. If you want to compete at a high level, day in day out, performing a foam roller program is a must.

The Foam Roller Program will:
- Increased mobility in your joints & elongated muscles
- Relaxing the muscle, by activating the sensory receptors connecting your muscle fibres to your tendons
- Help prevent injury due to tightness and reduced range of motion
- Avoiding any muscular or skeletal imbalances



Tennis Breathing & Meditation

Bonus 1 - Breathing & Meditation

Do you sometimes go missing in matches and lose concentration? That is why we have developed a simple yet effective breathing and mediation program you can do off court to help improve your breathing and reduce mental / emotional stress.

Dynamic Tennis Warm Up

Bonus 2 - Dynamic Warm Up

The beauty of dynamic movement exercises, is they open up the “chain of movement” rather than isolating a specific area or muscle. 
This is important to do before participating in any sport, especially tennis within its multidirectional ranges and loading patterns.

Essential Tennis Stretch

Bonus 3 - Essential Tennis Stretch

Tennis is a power endurance sport, which requires your body to make explosive multi directional movements. These movements can load the body with a lot of physical stress. It is imperative to have good flexibility and range of motion around the joints to maintain optimal functional movement.

Tennis Primal Movement Patterns

Bonus 4 - Primal Movement Patterns

Learn how to perform the Primal Movement Patterns. Being able to Squat, Lunge, Push, Pull and Rotate with correct technique is critical for young athletes. This step by step video will show you exactly how to build good technique and set up positive, functional movement technique for life. 

Tennis FREE Unlimited Lifetime Online Access

Bonus 5 - FREE Unlimited Lifetime Online Access

We know people are busy, so in order to ensure you utilise these programs, we are giving you unlimited lifetime access.
Alternatively access programs on our newly launched App.

Tennis Unlimited Access to Closed Facebook Group

Bonus 6 - Unlimited Access to Closed Facebook Group

As your ‘online’ tennis fitness trainers, you will feel like we are with you every step of the way. Unlimited access to a closed facebook group only for members, where you can ask us questions anytime and hear what others have to say. Join our community today.

Bonus 8 - Building A Tennis Champion Book

"30 Things Every Tennis Player, Coach & Parent Should Know" This book covers a diverse range of questions regarding tennis players from; how much should a tennis player practice, train and play? What off court training should a tennis player do to improve their game? What to eat before, during and after training / matches? Currently selling on Amazon for $17.95.

Building A Tennis Champion Book
Periodisation Plan of Junior Tennis Strength Development Program

Bonus 7 - Periodisation Plan

Depending on your goals and time constraints you can download a periodised plan, where we will show you how to weekly schedule / plan for the training programs. Everyone has varying fitness & training levels & different goals. That is why we are giving you a periodised plan that you can follow. Don't be confused in what you should be doing. 
Get your tennis fitness training just right, so you don’t wipe yourself out.

What players have to say about our programs!

Nikolas Apostolopoulos

Nikolas Apostolopoulos

Father to Patricia Apostolopoulos (Junior Tennis Player)

“My daughter Patricia has only been training a term and we have already seen some massive changes with her strength and stability, which is showing on court. Using Tennis Fitness Programs has been a great decision."

Fiorella Manucra

Fiorella Manucra

Tennis Player

“Following the strength development programs, has helped me stay injury free, and the added strength has definitely helped my performance and recovery"

Josh Kaplan

Josh Kaplan

Junior Tennis Player

“I have been using these programs for 7 years now.  They have helped me reach my full physical and mental potential. I have improved my fitness, agility, power, speed, strength, flexibility, balance and co-ordination. My off court training  has resulted in a major improvement in my on court tennis game. In my opinion, “The martin method” is a must for all serious and passionate tennis players.”

100% Money Back Guarantee

You have a full 7 days to preview the program. If you decide during that time that it's not right for you, (under the condition that no part of the programs have been downloaded (PDF & Videos) just let us know and you'll be issued a full refund (minus paypal or stripe transaction fee). 

100% Tennis Money Back Guarantee

Unlimited Lifetime Access! $49.95 RRP ($119.95)



What equipment do I need for this program?

For the junior strength development program, all you need is a stopwatch, some resistance bands and depending your level some light dumbbells. To purchase resistance bands  CLICK HERE

My child is 8 years old & has never done strength training.

We have designed these programs for players 8 years and older. Players will learn how to progress their training and gradually build up too lifting weight. 

How will I know how many sets, repetitions etc, I do?

We have clearly laid out all the training variables for you in a table. You will have all your sets, repetitions, rest etc organised for you. 

My son needs to improve his court speed, how will this program help?

Strength is the KEY. Before you start doing speed and agility you must have a good strength foundation. Without strength, it's impossible to build.

How can I access the Tennis Fitness Programs?

The programs include videos, PDF files, and some graphics. You have unlimited online lifetime access. They can be viewed on all electronic devices (computers, smartphones, and tablets).
We have spent time and money making sure these programs are user friendly! 
Alternatively, you can also access the programs on our newly launched app.

When will I start seeing results?

You should feel better straight away, but results come with practice. It is about being consistent and training with purpose combined with the right tennis fitness training program. If you feel the programs have not worked for you by doing this, there is a money back refund guarantee.

When & how often should I use the strength program?

We have given you a plan to follow (when and how often to perform this program). This makes it very easy for you to follow. It also allows you to build a good foundations before you progress to the next level, without burning yourself out.

What if I have any questions about the program?

We are here for you every step of the way. You have unlimited access to a closed facebook group only for members, where you can ask us questions anytime.

What is the difference between the Junior Strength Development and the Junior Strength and Conditioning Program? 

This program is designed specifically for young players between 8-18years old. We designed this program to help educate players on how to build a solid foundational strength base. It is purely only a strength program. After you have built that strength foundation, and depending on you age, we usually recommend you move onto "The Junior strength and Conditioning Program". This program has the complete modules for aspiring tennis players eg agility, footwork, speed and power endurance etc

When I have completed level 1, 2 and 3 of The Junior Strength Development Program, what should I do?

After you have completed the Junior Strength Development, it is time to move onto either our "Junior Strength and Conditioning Program" or our “High Performance Program”. Depending on your age, we recommend -
8-18 years 
Junior Programs) Junior Strength Development  progressing to Junior Strength & Conditioning Program
18 years & above 
High Performance Strength and Conditioning Program (coming in September 2017)