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Junior Strength Development - This is for young players wanting to build up their strength development the correct way. Learn the basics of movement. Use bodyweight exercises and learn how to progress to lifting weights. 3 levels of progression.

Junior Strength & Conditioning - This program is specifically designed for young players that have a basic strength foundation. It covers -Strength (using resistance bands), speed, agility, power, core, serve, and endurance. Players also receive warm-up and recovery programs. 

Social Strength & Conditioning - This program is for social players. It has on-court and off-court strength programs, as well as speed, agility, footwork, core, and endurance programs. It is designed to get players moving better and feeling better. There are two strength programs, on the court and off-court. If you don’t have access to a gym, you can just perform the on-court strength program

Over 40's Strength, Movement, and Mobility - This program is designed for tennis players over the age of 40 years that feel their fitness and conditioning are letting them down on court. Whether you are a SERIOUS tennis player or a SOCIAL player wanting to improve your fitness, strength, and movement without getting injured this program is for YOU! Join the 1000s of Tennis Players over 40 years of age using off-court training to improve their first step quickness, speed, power, reaction, balance and core stability. It is easier than you expect! It also includes a mobility and injury prevention program. 

High-Performance Strength & Conditioning - Our most detailed and in-depth program. This program is designed for high-end athletes or aspiring athletes. It encompasses all the necessary exercises and programs needed to get players reaching their true potential. With detailed exercises and programming, combined with periodized planning. Players will find themselves training like a professional athlete. 

Yoga and Injury Prevention - This tennis-specific yoga program is for any player wanting to improve their flexibility and mobility. Easy to follow and effective. It can also be used for players coming back from injury. 

Agility, Speed, and Power - Our newest 6-week program, designed for players that want to improve their court movement. Move faster, brake better and change direction easier. For those that need to get more power in their groundstrokes and serve. (Downloadable, Yours Forever,
 For All Ages & Levels, 
30-40min Workouts,
No Gym Required,
Easy to Follow, Fast Results)

Total Tennis Home Workout - This unique program is for tennis players aged 10 - 60 years that have limited space or time to train. If you don't have access to a gym or tennis court, don't worry, this program will get you fit, strong and have you moving better on court, all in 4 weeks. Designed for you to complete at home, in a park or in a small space (Minimum 3m x 4m), you will find it super effective at getting you "Tennis Fit". Whether you are a SERIOUS tennis player or a SOCIAL player that wants to improve physically, at your time and convenience. This program is for YOU!
With 9 WORKOUTS to choose from daily. You will be challenged every day and won't be getting bored! 






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