Tennis Strength and Conditioning Programs

For players of all levels

All courses approved by Functional Tennis


Total Tennis Home Workout

$59.99 USD

For players that want to train at home, with limited space and minimal equipment. Convenient, Specific and Effective.

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Over 40's Strength, Movement & Mobility

$59.99 USD (Per Level)

Players over 40, that want to improve their Mobility, Speed, and Strength without getting injured. 

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Junior Strength & Conditioning

$89.99 USD (Per stage)

For Junior Players that want to learn the correct way to train for tennis, before it's too late.

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Tennis Fitness Testing

$49.99 USD

Tennis-specific testing program. Find your physical strengths and weaknesses, compare them against your peers. 

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Complete Tennis Development

$89.99 USD (Per Level)

This program combines off-court (fitness) and on-court (tennis) training.  Ideal for the developing young player.

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Tennis Speed, Agility & Power

$59.99 USD

Designed to improve dynamic first step, change of direction speed, and get you more power on groundstrokes & serve.

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Junior Strength Development 

$59.99 USD

For junior players that want to build a strength foundation, to prevent injuries and boost performance.

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High-Performance Strength & Conditioning

$169.99 USD

This program is for serious players, wanting to take their game to the next level and train like a pro.

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Tennis Yoga, Mobility & Injury Prevention

$39.99 USD

Develop strength, stability, balance and mobility specific for tennis. Feel strong & balanced at end range.

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