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Develop Strength, Stability, Balance and Speed
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For tennis players between 8-18 years that want to LEARN HOW TO TRAIN THE CORRECT WAY for tennis, before its too late. "One chance to make it" Don’t get left behind. Learn from the Pro’s. Get these Specific Junior Tennis Program's now. Get stronger, Fitter and More Powerful by following our proven training systems.


Proven Programs Used With The Professionals

Strength & Core Phase

Every year that goes by as a young athlete, you should be developing physically by doing the right strength and core training. If you are not working on these areas you will not build a solid foundation for the future. These programs will help prevent injuries and have players moving better and hitting harder. 

Speed Endurance

Having the ability to "Last" on court is a common issue for young athletes. Endurance and recovery play a big role in how we play and feel. Imagine having the ability to play longer with better stamina, recovery and concentration. It is reachable and easier than you think! These Endurance programs will turn it all around.

Mobility & Injury Prevention 

Did you know the majority of young tennis players wait until they get injured before they perform any off court training. Most career ending injuries can be prevented. Don't be a statistic get started today. These mobility and injury prevention programs will assist in keeping you feeling better and pain free! 

Agility & Footwork

Feeling slow around court? Struggling with movement co ordination? Do you have heavy feet? It can all turn around in weeks! With these specific agility and footwork programs you will find yourself feeling quicker, more balanced and lighter on your feet! 

Fitness Conditioning

Do you "Huff and Puff" between points? Having the ability to recover well and stay physically "Up" is a matter of doing the right training. Conditioning your body with intermittent training will have you bouncing around between points whilst others may wither away! 

Power Endurance

Picture this…… its four all in the last set. Your opponent is tiring but you’re feeling sharp and the longer the match goes, the better you play. This is power endurance.


  • BUILD STRENGTH and Core Stability
  • Never feel FATIGUED 
  • Feel BALANCED and stable.
  • Create better FIRST STEP QUICKNESS and Change of Direction
  • Gain CONFIDENCE & last longer
  • Improve POWER

How Does it Work?

  • Once you enrol in the Junior Strength and Conditioning Program, you will receive a 12 week world class training plan.
  • This program contains a lot of information and for this reason we have broken it up into 3 phases (each phase is 4 weeks duration). Initially you will receive 1- 4 weeks programming.  Then at week 5 you will receive 5-8 weeks programming and then at week 9, you will receive 9-12 weeks programming.
  • We have done this so people do not get overwhelmed and to also keep you motivated to find out what is coming next.
  • There is a comprehensive periodised plan for you to follow. This will allow you to know what you are doing every day and also guide you into a state of "Physical peaking". All you need to do is follow the program and plan. You will know what you are doing daily and your recovery sessions will be included in there also.
  • Or if you want to work on an area of weakness eg footwork then you can follow the footwork periodised plan. There is a plan for whatever stage you are working towards.
  • Your training includes narrative videos, images, charts, downloadable files and periodised plan to follow and more. Go at your own pace as you have unlimited online lifetime access with us. Unlimited lifetime access, or download all programs on any electronic devices (Computers, smart phones and tablets) and keep forever.
    Alternatively access programs on our newly launched App. All this with a 7 MONEY BACK GUARANTEE!


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You could be one of the 1000s of junior players scratching, shaking or even banging your head. Turn your embarrassment and frustration into confidence and success with these proven programs and system.

Get Your 12 Week Junior Program Now - LIFETIME ACCESS

What Does My 12 Week Program Include?

Strength & Core Level 1

We will teach you step by step, specific exercises for young tennis players too help develop strength and power through the whole body. Strength is the most important factor in preventing injury and boosting performance. You need to have the best physical foundation possible and these programs will help set that up!  

Fitness & Conditioning Level 1

During this program you will develop the necessary physical capabilities to withstand repeated loads. You will kickstart your bodies ability to compete at a high intensity time and time again, recover better between points and boost your power endurance. 

Specific Conditioning = Better overall performance. 

Speed Endurance Level 1 

This program is not about the slow running you may have done in the past. These modern, tennis specific endurance techniques will give you the ability to continually repeat the same intense effort over and over again. 

No more fatiguing or losing power in your groundstrokes and serve. Soon you will feel more confident with your shot power and movement right to the end! 

Agility & Footwork Level 1 

Level 1& 2 Agility & Footwork is 10 weeks of effective tennis exercises for juniors. Drills to improve tennis footwork, acceleration, deceleration and give you more confidence in your court movement and shot set up.

Lower body co ordination, balance and your reaction time will be firing by the time you get through this program! 

Power Endurance Level 1

Now the strength foundation is in place, we need to develop and boost your power. 

After watching these videos and following this tennis fitness program, you can experience how effective these tennis exercises are at improving first step quickness, split step reaction, foot speed and constant lower body coordination and balance.

Strength & Core Level 2

So you don’t plateau with your strength gains, we have included the level 2 Junior Strength Program.

After completing level 1, you will be able to progress into the Level 2 Strength Exercises. 

This will be your opportunity to step it up and get to the next level. These proven exercises done with the right intensity will give you the gains you have been chasing! 

More Strength, More Power, Better Control.

Agility & Footwork Level 2

So you don’t plateau in your training, we have also included level 2 Agility & Footwork Program.

After 6 weeks, of completing the level 1 Agility & Footwork Program, you will be able to progress into the Level 2 Agility & Footwork program. 

By the time you get through this program, you will be feeling quicker than ever before. People will be asking you, "What have you been doing" 

tennis endurance

Speed Endurance Level 2

To stop you hitting a plateau and to keep you motivated, we have included Junior Speed Endurance Level 2. 

After a few weeks of completing level 1,  you will be able to progress into Level 2 and this is when you will see your endurance go to another level.

Stamina, Concentration and Consistency! Imagine being that player your opponents fear. The player that never goes away. 

Injury Prevention Program

Following this program on a regular basis will minimise a players chance of injuries. Don’t wait until you are injured, keep on top of it, be smart and do the right things from the start. Do you think top professionals did all the little things right when they were young?

Believe us…you are not invincible. If you love the game, this program is an absolute must.

Essential Stretch Program

Tennis is a physically and mentally demanding sport, if you have played the game before you would know what we mean. It is defined as a power endurance sport, which means it requires your body to make repetitive explosive multi directional movements. These certain movements can load the body with a lot of muscle tension and physical stress. It is imperative to have good flexibility and range of motion around the joints to maintain optimal functional movement.


Bonus 1 - Monitoring Sheet

Use this tennis specific purpose built monitoring sheet to manage energy levels, prevent injuries and maintain your peak level of fitness for longer. This practical system will allow you to know your body on a deeper level as you find out what works for you and what needs to change.

tennis training for kids

Bonus 2 - Dynamic Warm Up

The beauty of dynamic movement exercises, is they open up the “chain of movement” rather than isolating a specific area or muscle. This is important to do before participating in any sport, especially tennis within its multidirectional ranges and loading patterns.

Bonus 3 - Periodisation Plans

Everyone has varying fitness & training levels & different goals. That is why we are giving you 6 FREE periodised plans that you can follow. Don't be confused in what you should be doing. Peak at the right time!!  Get your tennis fitness training just right, so you don’t wipe yourself out.

Bonus 4 - Primal Movement Patterns

Learn how to perform the Primal Movement Patterns. Being able to Squat, Lunge, Push, Pull and Rotate with correct technique is critical for young athletes. This step by step video will show you exactly how to build good technique and set up positive, functional movement technique for life. 

Bonus 5 - Unlimited Online Lifetime Access

We know people are busy, so in order to ensure you utilise these programs, we are offering unlimited lifetime access, or download all programs on any electronic devices (Computers, smart phones and tablets) and keep forever. Alternatively access programs on our newly launched App.

Bonus 6 - Unlimited Access to Closed Facebook Group

As your ‘online’ tennis fitness trainers, you will feel like we are with you every step of the way. Unlimited access to a closed facebook group only for members, where you can ask us questions anytime and hear what others have to say. Join our community today.

Bonus 7 - Building A Tennis Champion Book

"30 Things Every Tennis Player, Coach & Parent Should Know" This book covers a diverse range of questions regarding tennis players from; how much should a tennis player practice, train and play? What off court training should a tennis player do to improve their game? What to eat before, during and after training / matches? Currently selling on Amazon for $17.95.


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Lleyton Hewitt

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“I love the professional approach that Nathan brings day in day out. As a professional athlete I know he can get the best out of me and take me to the next level”.

Martina Navratilova

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“Nathan & Giselle Martin are the consummate professionals when it comes to tennis training. I had the pleasure of working with both Tennis Trainers Nathan and Giselle while on the tennis tour for 3 years and was truly impressed with their training methods and expertise”.

Josh Kaplan

Pro Tennis Player

“I have been using these programs for 7 years now.  They have helped me reach my full physical and mental potential. I have improved my fitness, agility, power, speed, strength, flexibility, balance and co-ordination. My off court training  has resulted in a major improvement in my on court tennis game. In my opinion, “The martin method” is a must for all serious and passionate tennis players.”